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According to a recent survey, only 6% of Indian households invest in mutual funds, and only 3% invest in the stock market. Compared to this, the world's average mutual fund penetration is at 55%. The stock market penetration is over 30% in developed countries like the US.

Complicated KYC processes, lack of investor awareness, and difficulty in finding trusted and quality financial product distributors are the main reason for the low penetration of mutual funds and stock market investing in India. However, therein lies the opportunity for you as a finance professional.

Investment Wallet provides its associates with a full suite of products, knowledge and technology to grow their businesses manifold as India takes on this unique journey towards growth and prosperity.

1. Products: You will find all financial products that you can offer to a client, including stocks, mutual funds, bonds, fixed deposits and many more, all under one roof: the Investment Wallet Roof.

2. Knowledge: Be it stocks, mutual funds or fixed-income securities, we do your research for you so you can focus on the one thing that matters the most: Developing your business through disseminating knowledge to clients.

3. Technology: : With Investment Wallet, you can have a 100% online, aadhar based client KYC and onboarding. Whether applying for IPOs or Sovereign Gold Bonds, creating a demat and trading account or a mutual fund folio, all processes are made online and simple so you can reach out to more clients while delighting your existing ones with high service levels.

India is growing. Average Indian salaries are growing. The number of Indian millionaires and billionaires is growing. Make the most of it!